Photo Album #3: Unexpected Aurora

Here in Maine it’s been a rainy cloudy spring. This past Saturday evening, the clouds finally broke, and seeing as the moon was just barely a sliver, I decided I needed to get the hell out of the apartment for a night and go shoot some photos. I didn’t have a real plan on where I was going, so I kinda just bummed around hoping to find some stuff. Thankfully the Lakes Region is only about 45 minutes out of Portland and it home to a great selection of (wait for it…) lakes.

I was a little nervous because there were some cloudy spots on my drive so I was expecting the whole night to be a bust, but thankfully when I arrived at my first location the clouds weren’t that abundant.

When I was taking shots, looking at the images on the LCD, I was a little bummed, thinking I had been getting drowned out skies with a ton of light pollution, but this was not the case at all. To my surprise the Northern Lights were putting on quite the show for us night owls in Maine.

I’ve never seen the Northern Lights and on this night, to the naked eye I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary but once I got these pictures onto my computer there was no mistaking it.

I’m really hoping this is a sign of things to come this summer, because I plan on getting out under the stars as much as humanly possible in the next few months.


Photo Album #3: Unexpected Aurora

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