Photo Album 1: The Woods

It’s been a long winter. Too long. The first day of spring we got a good amount of snow here in Maine, and the first two weeks of the season have been more of the same. Though it’s turning to rain more often, I’m still wary to say we’re out of the cold grip of this damn winter.

The constant snow storms this winter kept me inside for the most part, so when I took a freelance job doing some product photos for some outdoor gear recently, I was excited to get a break from my cabin fever and go take some photos and get back into the woods.

Here are a handful of photos from my trip into the woods.

This is the first in a series I’m going to call Photo Albums, where I’m going to share my favorite images I shoot when I go on specific photography trips. I’ve been terrible when it comes to keeping up with this blog, so I’m hoping this will light a fire under me to keep up with it.

Photo Album 1: The Woods

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